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  • Spicefolk

    [[Home Page | Home Page]] Spicefolk are the naval power of the world, as well as dominating the Spice trade. These brave hearted people inhabit the Polar Continent. The [[Firewalkers | firewalkers]] also inhabit the continent though they are relegated …

  • Firewalkers

    Firewalkers are the reclusive, and industrious people of the frozen north. The comparatively small [[Spicefolk | Spicefolk]] share the continent and control most of the usable ports.

  • Coastal Mer

    One of two varieties of Mer. Their cousins [[Ocean Mer | Ocean Mer]] appear more monsterous, and live far away from other races. In contrast the Coastal Mer find joy in trade, and storytelling. WHile family is determined by the father, the mother is …

  • Selash

    Selashi citizens are the pescatarian inhabitants of the Great Archipelago. Light Skinned distant relatives of the [[Spicefolk | Spicefolk]] seperated long ago. Selashi value your ability to perform, or otherwise physically express yourself. A coming of …

  • Lamia

    Insular and enduring, the Lamia are a dramatic offshoot from the Mer that have adapted to land.

  • Trenchdweller

    Trenchdwellers are secretive, and highly highly territorial. [[Coastal Mer | Coastal Mer]] are the flamboyant, and outgoing cousins to the Trenchdwellers.